Skin Care Tips That Everyone Should Know

Skin Care Tips 1You do not have to use a facial mask or get facials to have great skin. It is about taking care of your skin as a whole, which includes minimizing your contact with the sun. This article may help you create a skin care plan that helps your skin glow.

Whenever the temperatures dip or climb to extremes, your skin suffers more than anything. Your heater and A/C both sap moisture from the air, causing your skin to become dehydrated. Showering everyday can cause your skin to lose natural oils. If possible, limit showering activities to every second day during these times to retain a healthy skin more

Best organic and natural skin care products

Best organic and natural skin care productsAs you recognize there are too several advertisements presenting everyday however this or that product will assist to refresh your skin that it will acquire rather indispensable. What they are doing not enlighten you’re what number of those merchandise in truth smash your skin whereas making it emerges healthy. indeed if truth be told} we tend to place such a lot substance on our faces with no regard for what it in purpose of fact includes and what these chemicals very work or do to our skin.

The one selection is to confirm you utilize solely Lip Gloss. The less preservatives and chemicals that are within the organic skin care merchandise you utilize the superior. However, natural merchandise is ready from different organic ingredients and flavoring pastes like as aloe that do your skin more

Herbs For Hair Growth In Women

Herbs For Hair GrowthHair loss has become very common in both men and women. There can be many different causes for hair loss in women, like, health problems, lack of proper nutrition, etc. Even a reduction in the estrogen levels can cause hair loss in women. You can boost your hair’s beauty and shine by simply using some simple and basic home remedies for hair care. Here are some of the best tips and pointers you can consider in order to care for your hair the natural and less-expensive way;read more

Select the Right Skin Care Products for Your Skin Type

Skin Care Products for Your Skin TypeWhat is beauty? Why do some people have more eye appeal than others? What makes a woman beautiful? I put it to you that real beauty comes from radiating personal acceptance and having a sense of worth.

We don’t always feel beautiful. There are days when I feel downright ugly, usually when I am feeling excessively stressed and worried. On days like this I have found that if I take some action, no matter how small, toward working on something I consider worthy, a project, a goal, learning something new, or doing some activity in line with my values – before long I’m feeling beautiful again. When I am feeling beautiful I am sending sweet bounty out into the more

What To Look For When Starting A Beauty Salon

You want your Beauty Salon to be the perfect match to ensure you get the right treatment, value, and of course, results. Beauty salons offer treatments such as waxing and threading for hair removal. Beauty salon equipment is often one of the largest expenses for salon owners and beauty professionals. A beauty salon or beauty parlor (or sometimes beauty shop) is an establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women. There is a distinction between a beauty salon and a hair salon and although many small businesses do offer both sets of treatments, beauty Salons are based more around face and body treatments. Each beauty salon tries to have its own distinct identity and ambience. No matter who you are, Stylist or manicurist, Esthetician or make-up artist, an expert in hair cutting or hair coloring, licensed professional cosmetologist is always wanted in Beauty Schools and Beauty Salons throughout the country.


Salons thrive on an environment that is clean, safe and relaxing where customers can receive prompt and professional service. Finding a Beauty Salon can be a tricky issue. A hair salon (also called ‘Hairdresser’ and ‘Hair Parlor’) is a place where one goes to get the hair cut, as well as styled, highlighted or colored. There are many different types of hair salons that one can choose to go to. There are the traditional walk-in salons where you do not have to make an appointment; rather, you simply walk in and wait for the next available hairdresser. Another option is to call a full-service hair salon and make an appointment with the stylist of your choice. Some hair salons specialize in certain areas of hair care, such as coloring, up-dos for formal occasions, cutting or styling. Which salon one chooses will determine the level of expertise being performed for the service. If you are a successful beauty professional, then you know that your focus must always be on your clients, ensuring that they leave your salon with a look that excites them.


Beauty is always on high demand, that’s why many people strive to go to Beauty Schools and pick their skills and knowledge in hair styling, haircutting, coloring, hair coloring, manicure and pedicure, facials, massage, permanent waving, Skin Care, chemical restructuring, Nail Design, Artistry and many more. In a sense, you are placing your personal beauty in someone elses hands. Massage for the body is a popular beauty treatment, with various techniques offering benefits to the skin (including the application of beauty products) and for increasing mental well-being and relaxation. Many people are surprised to learn that the initial investment in beauty salon equipment is just the beginning. Each beauty salon tries to have its own distinct identity and ambience. You can choose to sell top-of-the-line beauty products shampoo, daily and deep treatment conditioners, hair styling products such as mousse, gel, pomades, among others; and other specialty hair products. If you are planning to sell beauty products, you also need to invest in inventory.

Uses Of Pearls

Jewelry making

Pearl, being a symbol of unblemished perfection, is the queen of all gems for its elegance, natural beauty and forever attraction. Unlike other gemstones, pearls can be directly used in jewelry making. They are often used to make rings, bracelets, pendants, bangles and pearl Wholesale beads inserted in other gemstones. Pearl jewelry can be extremely expensive and relatively cheap too. Pearls mainly fall into two types: cultured ones and natural ones. It’s self-evident that natural ones are much dealer than cultured ones. The pearls come in a wide range of colors and shades consisting of red, white, ice cream white, purple, pink, brown, and black and so on. All kinds of shapes are available in the market varying from round, semi-round, oval, to teardrop, button and circled etc. Pearl jewelry wins great popularity in the market for it can immediately increase the femininity, elegance of a woman with a relatively low price.

wholesale jewelry is a must-have accessory for a woman.

Medicinal use

Pearls have been used in medicinal purposes since 2,000 years ago in China. In ancient times, pearls were crushed in powder. At present, pearl powder and capsule are available. Pearls can be taken orally or used externally. With respect to internal taken, it can bring five main advantages for people. First, it can increase immunity. Pearl powder contains as many as eighteen amino-acids including leucine, methionine, and lactamic acid and so on, while amino-acids are the necessary elements for one’s immunity. Second, the main component of pearls is calcium which makes up 90%-92% of pearls. The calcium is natural and actively absorbed. Third, it can make people young forever. Pearls contain trace elements like Manganese, copper and zinc which are the basic components of SOD preventing aging of skin. Fourth, taking pearls is good for one’s sleep. Fifth, it can also help clearing heat and detoxicating. As for the external use, it’s mainly for the beauty purpose. It’s is known to all that pearl powder can whiten skin, remove acne, get rid of blackhead and speckles. What’s more, it plays a great roll in recover from cut wound and scald. This is also the reason why women are particularly fond of pearls.


Due to its beauty and practicality, pearls are also used as accessories on many objects. We can often see that clothes, hair accessories, door curtains are embellished with pearls. With the fashion updating, pearls are used as a fashion statement on many other things such as knife hilts, cigarette holders, pearls-handled guns which fully shows personality, taste and wealth to some degree.

These are the main three uses of pearls. Of course, there are many other uses like religion offerings in somewhere especially in sea area. All in all, pearls are gifts endowed by the nature. Human beings fully make use of pearls to bring beauty, health and happiness to people’s life.

Beauty Salon Interior Design Ideas and Advice

Each area of your beauty salon should be organized, functional and ergonomic as a benefit not only to you the owner, but for your employees and clients as well. Planning and careful consideration of the entire flow of your salon or spa will impact the experience for your clients. Remember that the quality of your beauty salon will effect the quality of your stylists, clients, and inevitably the success or failure of your business.

Salon Interior Design Tip #1: Consider Your Clientele

Is your salon strictly for “the girls” or do you cater to mens grooming needs? Do you offer couples massage? Do you invite young teens to pamper themselves? Are you a family oriented salon? The most important element to interior design of your beauty salon or spa, is to know who you will be serving and keeping your design decisions consistent.

Salon Interior Design Tip #2: Consider the Layout

According to an article published by “Entrepreneur” Magazine, the average salon space usually range from 1,200 to 2,000 square feet, although some can be considerably smaller (fewer than 1,000 square feet).

You’ll need four separate areas in your hair salon: -Reception and retail (20% floor space) -Shampoo and Drying (10% floor space) -Cutting and service (50% floor space) -Storage, break room, and the employee/client restroom (20% floor space)

Salon Interior Design Tip #3: Color Palette

Colors affect peoples moods and attitudes. Consider how you want your clients to feel when they are in your salon or spa. Your service line will influence what colors you use. If you offer spa services, consider calming colors to help your clients relax. If you are going for more of a fast paced salon, you may want to use energizing-warm tones. Dont be afraid to experiment with materials such as glass, metal, or stone to create a calming or energetic environment.

Salon Interior Design Tip #4: Lighting

The way you choose to light your facility can lead to a tranquil or an edgy atmosphere. Again, consider the image you are trying to project to your clients. Low light settings include candlelight, lamps, and accent space with track lighting or small spotlights. This creates a tranquil atmosphere. High light settings incorporate natural daylight, large lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, and open space that allows light to sweep from room to room, or through deep spaces. Your best bet would be to incorporate the two lighting styles to create a unique atmosphere with ambient and direct light.

Salon Interior Design Tip #5: Quality Salon Equipment

Today, when you walk into a modern beauty salon, you will find a wide array of unique and comfortable chairs, manicure tables, and massage equipment. This is a sign of beauty salon that cares about its clients conform and satisfaction. Not only will quality salon equipment increase your clientele, but will also enable your stylist with all the tools they need to ensure they can create a unique atmosphere and safe work environment.

The salon environment is part of the package. People will judge your salon based on how it looks, the flow of operations, and the cleanliness of the facility. If you create an appealing environment for your clients and employees, you will have greater success than if you ignore or neglect these elements.

Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure Services in Organic Beauty Salon

Organic beauty salon and manicure and pedicure treatments

After a hectic day, every woman wants to pampered herself and getting manicure and pedicure becomes the best options for her. Women whether in their professional life or personal life, they have many responsibilities to perform and to stand on it; they have to do many things on daily basis. Sometime it becomes very hectic for them. To be continuing with their job at every platform, it is essential for women to take care of their health; here they as well want themselves to give sometime to get pampered. Here, organic beauty salons become the best choice of them, where they approach to enjoy manicure and pedicure services. At organic beauty salons the manicure and pedicure treatments are offered with complete natural touch. These days, most of the women immensely look for the health and beauty services of the organic salons.

Benefits of manicure & pedicure treatments

When the women want to feel relax with the fabulous touch of the nature, they reach the organic beauty shops and ask for such beauty treatments that make their hands, and feet look lovelier than ever. For them it can be a great way to reduce stress, take care of the skin, prepare for a special occasion, and get pampering touch. However, there are many benefits of such kind of pampering treatments; some of them are mentioned as below:

Reduce stress and make feel relax: Getting these treatments is the best way to reduce stress and tiredness of the whole hectic day. During the treatments women get the pampering touch and they feel complete relaxed and stress-free.

Get beautiful and healthy hands and feet: The manicure treatment is for available for the care of hands and pedicure is to treat the feet. During the treatments hands and feet are treated to make them soft, beautiful, and healthy. All the dirt into the nails of hands and feet is cleared and the heels are softly rubbed to remove the dead skin. After the hands and feet are washed and then massaged by creams. At the end the nails are painted with beautiful nail paint color, and we can say the whole treatment process beautifies the skin of the hands and feet.

Benefits to get such treatments at organic beauty salons

Today, women are very health conscious and look for the beauty treatments that are health as well. These days, there are many beauty shops from where they can get the manicure and pedicure treatments, but they prefer to approach the organic beauty shops, as while being at such shops they get the following benefits:

Natural treatment: The organic beauty shops offer natural treatments only. The professionals at such beauty shops treat the customers with complete pamper and the products that are used during the treatment are made of natural shrubs that don’t cause them in any way.

Affordable and eco-friendly: These beauty shops offer such treatments at affordable prices however, prices are bit more the chemical beauty treatments. But, when it comes to the health of the skin, women don’t care about it and as these beauty salons only promote the natural products, they highly contribute in eco-friendly environment.

So, finally we can say that the organic beauty parlors play good role, as they helps women to beautify their body while keeping the concept of their good health in mind.

Hair Style Korean Design By Korean Stylist At Beauty Salon Design At Prestige Hair

Prestige Hair Design & Beauty Salon, we know all about Korean hair stylist.Prestige Hair Salon of leading Korean Hair in Thailand. We design Korean hair and dressing hair appropriately for you .

About Hair Wraps


Our hair wraps are available in varied fabric styles and colors to wear as gorgeous hair wraps or mantilla veils. Stylishly designed to cover the head and allowing one to wrap in different styles for a beautiful and attractive head coverings.

Hair wraps can be worn for a variety of reasons and all occasions – for prayer and candle-lighting, hair loss, and from everyday wear to wear for special occasions.

Our Hair wrap designs are comfortable and flattering, and will complement any wardrobe and appropriate head wear for all occasions.

We have some great hair care tips about styling products.

Hair stylist products are an essential part of any hairstyle and can make the difference between your hairdo lasting all day and night, or flopping before you get out the door!

To bring some care to your hair, and to make sure your hairstyle always looks (and holds) it’s best, give these tips a try:

Products that contain silicone will temporarily smooth your locks and add shine to your hair.

Handle any styling wax with warm hands to make the product easier to control and use.

The most important hair products to use are shampoo, conditioner, a heat protector and a finishing product.

Use serums, glosses and waxes in blonde hair whenever styling products are necessary as they wont dull the color like matt-effect products.

Use the right product for your hair type.